COVID- 19 preventative measures

C and S Construction is taking the COVID-19 outbreak very seriously. Any employees who feel Ill are required to stay home. All employees will be wearing disposable gloves for indoor work in your house. All employees will sanitize their hands before working in your home. Dust  masks will be worn if requested. Thank you!

We do It All

The inside piping of a radon mitigation system coming out of a sealed sump basin.

Radon Mitigation

 Radon Gas can have an adverse effect on your lungs just like smoking cigarettes. Take a look at our Radon information page to learn more. There are several methods that can be used to lower radon gas levels in your home.  Some techniques prevent radon from entering your home while others reduce radon levels after it has entered.  EPA generally recommends methods which prevent the entry of radon.  One method that prevents the entry of radon is called active soil depressurization.  This system consists of PVC pipe connected to the soil either through a hole in the slab, a sump lid connection, or beneath a plastic sheet in the crawl space.  Attached to the pipe is a quiet, continuously operating fan that discharges the radon to a location outside of the home.


Egress Window installation

 Egress windows are a great way to add legal living space to the basement of your home.  In areas like Brookings and Sioux Falls they are well worth the money because they can raise the resale value of your home.  Often in areas with high rental demand, such as Brookings the added value to your home is higher than the cost of installing an egress window.  Egress windows can be added to poured walls, block walls, and wood wall foundations with a variety of egress window sizes and egress window well surrounds to choose from. 


Basement WAterproofing

There are many things that can cause your basement to get wet, it can be a landscaping issue, a lack of gutters, cracked walls, or in many circumstances, ground water coming up through the floor cracks and foundation seams where the wall meets the floor.  This is called hydrostatic pressure and our Interior drain tile installation relieves this pressure and directs the water to a sump basin, pumping the water out of  the ground before your basement ever gets wet.